In re: The weekend has changed

For many it has not, but for those of us who are still in school the summer is a change, meaning often summer jobs, instead of classrooms.  The change in lifestyle is pronounced, especially for weekends, where Sunday, long a day of getting ready for the upcoming day of school and putting a dent into the weeks reading instead has no such storm cloud above it.  Instead, my mind is still free on Sunday, while I still know that Monday is around the corner, I don't have the prep-work that accompanies the traditional Sunday.  Of course many jobs bring with them work that is taken home and hovers, just as law school work is always there, day and night, weekend and weekday, but I like to think that one of the benefits of a job will be able to step aside and definatively say that I am done for the day.  


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  1. I would say that the vast majority of jobs, you can say you are “done for the day” when you punch out. But not where you’re headed Big E. Haven’t you heard the hours lawyers work!?

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