In re: The Design of Everday Things – The next book.

doet_small.jpgChristmas in July?  Well you wouldn’t think that being in a book club, or even being in a book club that isn’t really a club at all would provide so much excitement, but somehow my two person, pseudo book club has created traditions (besides not reading for months on end) including that you get a free copy of the next book you are to read (and it is kept a surprise) of course in exchange in opposite months I provide the mystery book, which is also fun to do, so its win-win. 

So after a long day at work, well a normal length day, but a tiring one, I see a box in my door and inside is The Design of Everyday Things, by Donald Norman, a book I’ve never heard of, but just by the title realize that this is right up my alley and I will be excited to get reading.

Also while in book related news, over this weekend I got to meet Michael Ruhlman at the North Union Farmers Market, which is at Shaker Sq on Saturday mornings, which also happens to be the location of a spot where I usually meet a friend for breakfast, so it turned out to be quite a morning of breakfast on the patio (beautiful day, you don’t get to many of those in Cleveland) and briefly meeting Ruhlman and getting a signed copy of his book the Soul of a Chef which I’ll put in my long queue of books. 


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