In re: The State of Independence

So for my annual (okay, well the first annual) State of Independence, that being ours in the US, not that of Iraq, Afghans or any of the others we’ve set free.  So how are we doing now that we’ve been at this for a while here?  Well to be honest despite all my criticisms of many things, wishing for more political parties or representation that isn’t coming from gerrymandered districts and are becoming more and more preset ‘safe’ districts, with no real competition — I must admit despite all these we aren’t doing that poorly. 

For the most part we have a country that functions, and when our massive corruption occurs those selling their votes for yachts (Duke Cunningham) end up in jail.  Furthermore our Governments attempts to conduct potentially unconstitutional proceedings, are reined in by our courts, no matter how archaic the seat for life approach is, or by our media (read the financial transactions situation and the NY-Times).  But all our successes shouldn’t lead us to rest on our laurels, just because were doing well shouldn’t mean that we should remain vigilantly critical, and to enter real political discourse.  Actually this is the area I am really most worried about, the moving to the edges and the shrill back and forth that has taken over debate, rather than reasoned discussions leading to possibly *gasp* compromises.

Anyway, nothing new I am really saying here as I ‘ve touched on this before, but I thought for today I’d point out an interesting article by Bruce Read on Slate ‘House Wrecker’ which points out what I think are some good reasons the Founders may not be so keen on how the house turned out. 

 Take-no-prisoners politics began wrecking the House in the late ’80s. It sank to unimaginable depths with impeachment in the late ’90s and evolved into a brass-knuckled shakedown under Tom DeLay in the early ’00s. When House members graduated to the Senate, some of them brought its harsh partisan instincts to the upper chamber. (From House Wrecker)

So anyway happy 230 America!


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