In re: Zidane interview in progress…

Listening to the BBC here, and they are watching the interview on Canal+ (a french premium channel, kinda a cross between HBO and ESPN I would say) Anyway, after describing the set (apparently lots of Canal+ logos all over the place, they said so far Zidane had not said what was said, but said it did concern his sister and mother. While I think it strange that he would care so much about these comments he apparently said that he would do it again given the situation, despite apologizing for it. Zidane also said he would go to FIFA if they wanted to discuss the comments, believing that the reaction should not be treated as the only part of the event, and that the comments that were made should be looked at too. Of course the adage sticks and stones… would seem to apply, and in most sports usually this is the way the rules are applied.

I’ll keep this updated, but although thought I’d mention that I was excited to read about the possibility of him coming to play in the US for the NY Redbulls (he’d give them wings…ok sorry) anyway, lastly also a NY Times piece on Zidane, “Camus and Zidane Offer Views on How Things End” (may need subscription)

“Zidane chose his fate. We all do, or so Camus believed. Zidane chose his moment, 10 minutes before the end of his career. What he could not determine was what would happen afterward in the age of the global conversation. Already, theories are swirling, a planetary fog of electronic opinion arising from an act virtually nobody who was there saw.”

Update: BBC now has a bit up about it

“But the France legend did not reveal what Materazzi said, only confirming that it was “very personal” and concerned his mother and his sister.
In a French TV interview, Zidane, 34, said: “I want to ask for forgiveness from all the children who watched that.
“There was no excuse for it. I want to be open and honest about it.” “


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