In re: 150,000 plates of fried cheese

“city officials proudly announced as the festival closed after a 10-day run: 20,000 servings of fried dough were sold, as were 70,000 pirogies and 150,000 plates of fried cheese.”  (City officials announcing amounts sold following the 10 day Taste of Chicago)

 Chicago has already entered the arena of controlling food, when their ban on foie gras (In re: Foie Gras Banned) goes into effect.  Now Chicago may add another (and likely applying to many more people) with the possibility of a ban on cooking oils with trans-fats.  This goes to the whole heart of the issue in In re: Who should be looking out for your health, but again, maybe there is something here…  So by now you may have branded me some kind of controlling lover of government intervention, but in the case of the grease used in fast food, it would be an easy way to help the health of those who frequent the low cost, low health – arena of the food world.  Maybe a ban is too harsh, but taxing trans-fat oils would be a way to steer folks in the right direction (the NY Times article mentions it will be mom and pop shops that will suffer from a ban as the oil is much less expensive, some shops claim it will add $50,000 more a year in oil costs — (just hearing someone say they spend $50,000 a year in oil is pretty nasty and should have you running to the salad bar..)

Anyway, transfats being in or out of our food won’t really change a culture, a car culture, a culture that drives automatic cars, takes the elevator to the twentith floor, refuses to take public transportation and walk more then a block for lunch, but addressing transfats be it with a ban, or by companys taking it on under their own initive is likely to be a good thing.

See Story: Chicago Weighs New Prohiibition


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