In re: The Super MoneyMaker Pump

So what is the Super MoneyMaker pump?  Well I just learned about it the other day while I was driving to get my car serviced, NPR had an interesting story about the pump which is sold in Africa and Asia through a network of local dealers.  The premise of the pump, which is manually operated is that a simple pump that doesn’t break and is easy to maintain, allows farmers to increase crop yields and bring cash crops to market during drought seasons when prices are high.
Why not donate the pumps to people the host asked, why the dealer networks?  I thought they had a good answer and one reason was that the networks of dealers allowed there to be a place for replacement parts to be sold and secondly people who bought things took more pride in them and would take better care of it. 
I can defiantly get behind this idea, as often times aid is wasted, I’ve heard stories about wells that were built for villages and then neglected, but generally when people are taught to build them themselves they are not.  While I won’t turn this into an editorial about the potential harms of charities, and my slight agreement with Thoreau on the self-serving nature of giving to charities, I will say I think that the super moneymaker pump, is a step in the right direction. 

See the website of KickStart: The Tools to End Poverty, (link is to the Micro-Irrigation Technology page)


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