In re: ‘How crazy to go wake up the monster’

I haven’t brought up the events in Lebanon on here partly because I am biased, in Israel’s favor on most things, despite (like the US many times) needing to question their tactics.  No matter, in the current situation I often remind people who started it (just like the 7th grade playground), yet if every response was proportionate and took an eye for an eye ‘only’ unstable situations would persist and slowly escalate (as has occurred in the mid-east for years). 
So what should Israel do?  They did, to Ariel Sharon’s credit attempt to seek a 2-state solution, against the cries of the Israeli conservatives in the unilateral pullout from Gaza.  This was a good move, however, clearly it was not going to serve as an answer. 
Unfortunately for everyone Lebanon is an unstable nation, flirting with democracy, which in the middle east means that organizations that are essentially terrorist in nature get included in the mix of politics.  The US having advocated such governments makes one wonder if really democracies in the Middle East function in the manner we want, as a future democracy in Iraq or Palestine or Lebanon, doesn’t mean western loving. 
So is Israel guilty in their disproportionate response?  Many think so, but just as the US struggled with their Guantanamo Bay detainee status (finally granting them Geneva Convention status, in a move that should have occurred from the front as taking the high road, no matter the unfairness is smart I believe).  In the case of Beirut and Lebanon, what is an army to do when rockets and artillery are hidden amongst housing projects?  Who should be blamed? 
Well nothing was solved here today (if I did feel free to mail the Nobel), but I just wanted to put out a few ideas, non of the original, but I just thought I’d point towards an article I read about Beirut, where the city is dividing, between those who have enjoyed economic growth (and still do as they aren’t being bombed) and those that support a war with Israel and are living in bombed out surroundings. 

“The country is going in two totally different directions…We want to live and build and go with the world, wherever it goes…The first thing I thought was, ‘How crazy to go wake up the monster”

See In Beirut, an Abyss Between Elegance and Chaos


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