In re: Cleveland Brown’s owner bidding on Aston Villa football (soccer) team?

Aston Villa, a premiership football (soccer) club in Birmingham England is up for sale.  Randy Lerner who inherited the Cleveland Browns and MBNA when his father Al Lerner passed away has for almost no apparent reason shown interest and will likely put in a competing bid with the lifelong Villa fan Michael Neville has put together an offer already.  Somehow as a Cleveland Browns fan I think it would be exciting to have our owner own a premiership team and possibly have them play in Cleveland every now and then?  That said, the BBC has mentioned that it isn’t clear that Lerner is interested in English Football, as he hasn’t gotten involved in the bid to bring Major League Soccer (MLS) to Cleveland, where apparently there is some chance of a 2008 or 2009 expansion team. 

See BBC Sport

Update: It appears the Randy Lerner has pulled out his bid after meeting with the team, however it is possible some say that he could get involved, but unlikely.  I still hope that he does as I like the Cleveland connection it would provide.


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  1. I would assume he’s interested in bidding on the Aston Villa team because they could make him money, much like the Browns. Additionally, I can’t see MLS teams being nearly as profitable, so why start an MLS team when he could easily by a premiership football club?

  2. […] I posted earlier about the possibility of Randy Lerner (owner of the Cleveland Browns) buying Aston Villa (Birmingham, England) of the English Premier League, but since then his bid was pulled, only to come back later in the bidding stage as a favorite.  Part of the reason he makes a good owner is his personal fortune of over a billion dollars, as well as the company he owns which is planning to manage the team.  […]

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