In re: Time flies – 1 year

I realized last night that tomorrow (now today) was the first anniversary of In re:.  So I thought I should do a quick happy birthday post on my thoughts of having been in the blogging world for one year.  My first thought would have to be that I am surprised I am still doing this having started In re: while studying abroad in Oxford last summer I had time and possibly more interesting surroundings to post about (although it wasn’t a blog about the summer).  Anyway, fast forward, and I’ve changed sites, possibly changed subjects (I think that I probably have phases of topics that I go through, but I definitely have less of a legal focus then when I started — likely a good thing to my few readers). 

Anyway, when my first post (and least interesting) In re: In the matter of… went up on the net last July (actually I did a few posts on that first day, possibly setting a tough precedent), I didn’t really tell anyone outside of the folks who were around me in Oxford, but slowly more people, mostly friends found out, began mentioning things to me, (requesting to add comments in one case) and basically giving me a hard time. 

Well one thing is for sure, one year of writing these brief posts hasn’t really made me a better writer as I was painfully shown a few weeks ago when some friends were in town and they and some of my friends in Columbus decided to turn on a computer and do what was hopefully the first public recitation of In re: blog posts.  I was thankfully just out of clear hearing range, as I was cooking, but hearing my own words read back was both flattering and sad, as somehow the words sound different as they come spewing out of my head, then when read back a few days later.  Either-way, it was interesting and needless to say those friends won’t be invited back. 

So whats in store for next year?  Well I’ve heard some requests to keep the food posts & photos coming, also I’d be curious to see what happens after I graduate law school.  Eitherway I’ve enjoyed year one, hope someone somewhere got something out of it and even if they didn’t it was worth it.  And now, In re: Year Two.


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  1. “Either-way, it was interesting and needless to say those friends won’t be invited back.”

    I’m hurt Eddie. Very hurt.

    I’d like to request less posts about food, and more posts about minutiae.

    Otherwise: Happy Birthday, In Re!

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