In re: A/C update

So its a pretty nice day here in Columbus, 78 degrees outside right now, not sure of the visibility, looks a little hazy, but still basically a nice day.  Yet for some reason my office is as cold as a meat locker and I have unfortunately left my winter jacket at home.  To combat the cold I’ve placed a number of boxes containing document productions over the A/C grate in in front of my window and this does effectively cut down the amount of cold air blowing in, but somehow I am guessing we are still using (i.e. wasting) the same amount of energy to make this building sooo cooold.


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  1. Edward,

    I sit next to the building manager at the office in which I work – word from her is that at least in regards to our office building, it is CHEAPER (because less electricity is used) to keep A/C going rather than turning it up and turning it down based on outside temperature variance (over the course a few days) – more energy is wasted in the up/down thermostat “messing with” then is wasted keeping the temperature constant.

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