In re: Charlie

CharlieBeen a fairly busy week for me as I’ve been getting used to life with Charlie, the 2 year old chocolate lab I’ve adopted. The whole adoption happened very quickly and the week getting used to life with a dog again has been a blur as well.

The whole thing began after I landed in Detroit on Friday, waiting to change planes my phone rang and I heard that I had come up on the waiting list for a dog at an organization near Toledo that attempts to train rescue to dogs to be service dogs (seeing eye and other kinds of assistance) and adopts out the failures (‘fabulous flunkies’). So briefly they explained to me Charlie’s (then known as ‘Champ’) situation, how he had been neglected, was underweight, left outside likely tied to a stake all day, and how he was very nice, loved people but had an ‘incident with a cat’ and had some anxiety.

So through good fortune I was already out of work on Monday for other reasons so I was able to leave in the afternoon to go up to Toledo (two and half hours away) to meet charlie. After meeting Charlie I decided to bring him home, he was beautiful, extremely friendly, but not a jumping all over you dog. Not sure if it was love at first sight with Charlie, but I don’t know if that would have been a good thing…

Anyway fast forward, back in Columbus, Charlie is a very good dog, who loves to be around people, seems to be house broken, knows sit (but not stay) and is extremely food motivated. I hope to train him up more, teach him to fetch (see hints of his retrieving ability flash).

So for that reason and others I haven’t been posting this week and I’ve taken some flak for that, but don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you and I’ll give you some more stuff later today.


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  1. […] I have to say it doesn’t surprise me one bit that these dogs are able to help out with the ATM, if you’ve ever gotten to see these amazing dogs in action its quite incredible what they can do to really allow mobility for so many people.  You may remember that my dog Charlie is a failed out seeing eye dog (’Fabulous Flunkie‘) but he probably made it further through the program then I could have so who am I to judge, right? (In re: Charlie) […]

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