In re: Most expensive apple pie?

Today at work they are holding a ‘dessert auction’ to raise money for the troops overseas, and that led to a co-worker mentioning a pie he saw on the Deen brothers cooking show (the two son’s of Paula Deen) which by the way I’ve been told isn’t a very good show. In general I am less keen on the shows that go around and show you places, versus teach you how to cook, but nonetheless, the pie “The Levee High Pie” is named after the flooding in the early ninties and costs $164.95, although actually only $29 is for the pie and the 18 apples it contains, the rest is for the shipping and dry ice–so not sure this really qualifies at all for the honor. You can see it or order it for yourself from the Blue Owl near St. Louis.

Update: So I didn’t order the Blue Owl pie, but I did end up going to the auction where I bought an apple pie for the modest price of $10 (I was the only one who bid, now I am not complaining but I was surprised to find myself in the minority on apple desserts)  I left after a bit due to the length of the auction (over an hour–wow) I missed it but apparently a peanut butter cream pie went for the astonishing $200, all for a good cause though but still is my apple pie really worth so much less?  (glad it is)


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  1. Hah! A few months ago my community had a fundraiser in hopes to help rebuild a church that burned down.

    The fundraiser included a pie auction, in which I purchased 3 of the most expensive pies, and 2 other moderately priced ones.

    The most expensive of these was a Strawberry Cream pie at $750. The least expensive was a wildberry pie at $130.

  2. i found one for 2,500 cause it had gold flakes on the crust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

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