In re: Bamn! is not tasty

So I stole the title from another blog, where I thought the story was going to be on the subject was going to be a rant on what is something that annoys me – cooking to the crowd on live television cooking shows like Emeril Live.  (The blog post turned out to be about some automat restaurant, and I didn’t bother to read it due to my disappointment)  For those who have no idea what I am talking about, I am referring to cooking shows where the host adds some ingredient that is popular for some reason or other be it garlic, chili pepper flakes or alcohol (often not in a drink recipe by the way).  The crowd cheers so Emeril or some other host throws in more to get more cheers and oh boy they cheer and dig it up. 

So why should I care?  Well I shouldn’t but the few folks in the crowd who end up tasting the dish taste the version that was prepared ahead of time without the extra bam, or the vodka tomato sauce which unnecessarily has a cup of vodka instead of the small amount that is required (only as a mechanism to absorb flavors a la like perfumes, not so that you can do shots of tomato sauce.  So I say tone down the bam and enjoy the food.


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