In re: Culture of life?

The Bush administration doesn’t budge very far on the issue of stem cell research, on the idea that the destruction of embryos is essentially murder, despite the constant disposal of them by fertility labs.  Yet while he can put a claim on his culture of life in this regards on the other side of the earth countless children (and of course many others) are dying as a direct result of a choice Bush has made.  However you feel about the ‘war’ I find it hard to reconcile the two different stances. 

“Close to 50,000 Iraqi civilians have died so far as a direct result of our invasion and occupation of their country, in order to liberate them. The numbers are actually increasing as the country slides into chaos: more than 6,500 in July and August alone. These numbers are from reliable sources and are not seriously contested.”
See an article on Slate “Bush’s faulty logic on stem-cell research”


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