In re: is hungry

G. Robbie, a good friend of the blog is always so helpful to give a gentle nudge when I’ve neglected posting for a few days, and he does so by telling me to ‘feed In re:’  Thankfully I’ve done a better job feeding Charlie, my dog, then In re:, so to G. Robbie and the other two of you sorry about the sparse posting.  Part of the reason for the decline was I had been out of town last weekend flying into Las Vegas and driving out to Zion Nat’l Park in Utah to visit my sister who works out there. 

I had a post in mind and I attempted to do it from Springdale, while lying on the bed and using my PDA (iPaq) which through the hotels wifi I thought I might be able to ‘mobile blog’ but the interface on doesn’t seem to get along well with the sparse browser on the iPaq. 

I’ve wanted to mention a few thoughts from that trip on here and a bunch of other newsworthy items, so I’ll try and get a few up today, before I head on another brief trip, this time to Cleveland to see family and my uncle play a concert.

I should also mention that G. Robbie thoughtfully includes a potential story to write about in his In re: is hungry emails, and this most recent one was about the demise of ESPN Mobile.  I had read various stories about the service, which had failed to attract the subscriber numbers it would need (they only got 30,000, had planned to have at least 300,000 by this point).  In any event they are shutting down the MVNO service (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) which meant they were utilizing the Sprint network but re-branding it and offering their own packages (other MVNOs are Virgin mobile, Boost, Amp’ed who pay other networks)

So my take on this is well it seemed a bit absurd to expect anyone but the craziest sports fan to want a cellphone that is branded ESPN, has an ESPN button in the middle, instead what would be more realistic (and what they are planning to do now) is get into the content side with another mobile operator, I bet a lot of people would pay to have a better sports score, news, etc. interface on their phones.  I know that when I was driving through Utah, trying to follow the Browns on my phone, there was a lot more that could be desired then the barebones WAP version of ESPN that I was reading. 


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