In re: I-71 / 271 split. City or Suburbs?

Over the weekend I was driving up to Cleveland. I was trying to get up in time to see my uncles concert and I was struck with a choice of whether to take 271 or continue on 71.  Let me explain…

I grew up in Cleveland Heights, which is an inner suburb of Cleveland, with houses built in the 20s, sidewalks, lots of trees and a density that allows businesses and restaurants to be within walking distances of homes. Sounds good to me now, but when I was high school I attended a school that was on the far east side, out in the country / or the distant suburbs, where people had huge lots, huge homes (often no sidewalks) and with that no crime.Seemed nice and many of my friends lived out there as well. My life was thus angled towards the suburban life of Cleveland, only venturing downtown occasionally for a sporting event or the like. What did this have to do with 71 & 271, well, 271 is a highway that would let me off with a drive west through the distant suburbs I just mentioned and I would always take that route.

Somewhere things changed and friends who I once visited in their distant suburban castles now came west towards downtown and the inner suburbs where the bars, and nightlife in general existed in a greater number or variety (suddenly a friends basement, once a staple hangout, sadly didn’t hold the same charm or reliability) Similarly my interests had changed and I now came to relish Cleveland Heights, what it offered, what I had been living amongst all along.As I entered law school down in Columbus I began to drive frequently on 71, and I had the choice of going downtown and getting directly getting on 71, or going on my old suburban route and taking 271.Somehow 271 lost out and I never noticed when I changed, but I found myself taking 71 and pledging my allegiance to the inner suburbs and central city.


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  1. My basement is so pissed at you right now.

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