In re: Who celebrates columbus day anyway?

I don’t think i’ve ever had Columbus day off, at least not that I remember.  Of course moving to Columbus Ohio might have changed all that, however Columbus has done away with the parades and festivities that surround the controversial figure and his ‘feats’ (discoverer or mass murderer depending on your views). 

Either-way I grew up in a ‘post Columbus day’ world, one where we utilized revisionist history to look back at figures like Columbus who while in 3rd grade we only knew they discovered this country, to later in schooling where we learned that they weren’t first and that they were likely pretty bad people.  Eitherway way I walked into the office where I work today to find the lights all off, the first thing through my mind wasn’t to question if it was a holiday (Thanksgiving was the next day I could have ventured anyway).  Finally realizing that there wasn’t a hostage situation and that it wasn’t really Sunday I made a few calls to which I learned we have Columbus day off.  So go figure some folks out there do celebrate Columbus day – at least here in Columbus…


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