In re: At least we have White Castle

Blogging Ohio picked up on the story about the demise of Parker’s that I mentioned on here (see At least we have White Castle).  I was saddened to read a few of the comments posted on the story, so I left one of my own. 

 “These coastally-generated ‘Best Of’ lists are all buzz and blather, and we’re better off for not appearing on them.”  (quoting from previous comment)

I will have to disagree with most of the comments on here, as I feel the lists can serve a good function. First off these coastally generated lists found a small restaurant in a neighborhood of Cleveland, the first place restaurant is in Chicago and plenty of places between the coasts are listed.

Why would this list be important? It can remind us folks in Ohio, who may be willing to splurge out while in New York on a fine meal that we have things at home that may be better for one and remind New Yorkers to be careful before they lift their chins over our places.

Lastly, to the comment that Parker’s is too expensive, I would venture that it is one of the most affordable on the list of top 50, and while that may not be much of a condolence to you, you need to remember that when your enjoying your lower priced applebees your food is packaged, prepared and very often frozen far from home, one the of the wonders of Parker’s Bistro is that the food was grown near you, is high quality and supports your neighboring farmers – which may not matter to you and that’s fine, but I would rather support them than the Applebee’s shareholders.


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