In re: ‘A+’ for HP ads? Well no, but close…

The Slate advertising critic (you know your in some post-post industrial revolution society when you get these) did a nice piece on the HP ads and how the company is trying to brand themselves in the laptop market (“When you think Mac, you think fun and creative. When you think Dell, you think online ordering and wallet-friendly deals. When you think IBM, you think pricey craftsmanship. And when you think HP, you think … well, nothing in particular.”)

So how did HP do in enlisiting celebrities like Jay-Z to be in their ads?  Quite well in my opinion and also according to Slate (which gave a B+ to the ad, one apparent flaw is you don’t really remember it is for HP).  The ad does come in line with other great advertisers such as Nike who don’t even bother to ID the celebs they just paid to get.  “Nike ads routinely show some megastar for a nanosecond, with no identification whatsoever—leaving viewers to catch the reference on their own (and congratulate themselves for doing so).”

See “Can Jay-Z make HP notebooks seem cool?” & see the ads at HP


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