In re: Trashcans

Simple HumanI remember reading in Garbage Land (you may remember it as one of the ill fated book club selections) that at one point they had to explain in home economics textbooks what a trash can was. Why was that? It wasn’t because people were so stupid then, it was that they didn’t throw anything out, coffee cans would be saved to be used as valuable storage tins, everything got reused as something.

So fast forward and today people like me throw out a lot. Despite having recycling – loads of rubbish flow out of my household, everything seems to come in packaging, that is surrounded by more packaging.  The trash can in my kitchen was a low budget white plastic sort of thing that served the role alright. Some folks don’t even use a can and instead rely on the sturdy paperbags that come from trader joes. (They probably don’t have dogs).

A while back, Charlie, my dog took a fancy to the contents of the trash can when it contained particularly tasty fare (there had been a large dinner for the law journal I am on so all the left overs from plates were in the trash).

So began the quest to get a can I could safely leave with Charlie, even with the most choice of treats safely inside. Searching on the internet of course yielded some results, one such can was from a homebrew, a man who couldn’t find a dog proof can so built his own. I didn’t end up buying that can (supposed to be screwed to the wall) and instead went with one from Simple Human. The can looked sleek, in its stainless steel glory. However, at $80 it probably cost about as much as the appliances that are in my apartment. The can arrived a few weeks ago and I can say now that it was actually worth it. I have quickly gotten used to the footpedal action and really like the idea of not touching the can. Also the can has this ingenious liner that keeps the bag perfectly in place, unlike my old can where it always ripped and the lid was always coming off.

The can came with a few bags from the same brand and they claim that they are the greatest. Thankfully normal bags load up just fine and I haven’t tried their bags yet with the hopes of not getting hooked on designer bags.

On a side note, my quest to keep Charlie away from the trash involved the use of ‘Bitter Yuck’ a spray bottle with rosemary extract that is so bitter that apparently they won’t chew on whatever you spray it.  Well of course it works, but he can probably smell the stuff and never has actually tasted it, me on the hand?  I have tasted it countless times and this is why I love not touching the trash can.  Once the lid was sprayed it would get on my hands and then I would taste it somehow and wow is that stuff bitter (who would have guessed?).  What did I learn from bitter yuck?  Well for one thing it is that touching that trash can lid is likely putting a lot of stuff on your hands despite its clean look so having a foot pedal now is a nice upgrade.


2 Responses

  1. Well Ed, your blog is offically “garbage”. Rimshot!

  2. “Ill-fated” book club? I am ready and raring to go…simply waiting on your next selection.

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