In re: Jack Abramoff was a bully

This American Life, a radio show from PRI, which goes through some stories in-depth on a theme, sounds simple enough, but they have a vignette / slice of life aspect to them that is quite beautiful.  Anyway, episode #314, which was from June I believe, but you can listen to them streaming online at, contains an interview with a man who was bullied in school for being  the cello playing band geek.  The cello had countless repairs as one particular bully took great delight in knocking over both the band geek and his instrument, sometimes quite spectacularly down the stairs. 

According to the story the bully turned out to be none other than Jack Abramoff, whose career in shady lobbying took a nosedive recently sending him to prison.  Abramoff’s camp when contacted about this denied he was ever a bully, but it wouldn’t be the most shocking thing to believe it is true. 


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