In re: Tribe logo a no go at William and Mary

logo_wm.gifAs an alum I recieved some emails awhile back from Gene Nichol, the president of William and Mary concerning the use of the nickname ‘Tribe’ and our logo of two feathers coming out of a W & M.  I never thought the logo was the best one, so I wasn’t that upset to learn that the NCAA had denied an appeal concerning the use of the logo, however they were allowing the use of ‘Tribe’.  That said I do think the NCAA has overstepped their bounds on this as I don’t really think they should be dictating what individual schools choose to do, as most schools with truly offensive nicknames have changed them under pressure and I am not aware that William and Mary with its low key athletics program has drawn much fire for our name and logo.

The debate got pretty intense in the comments of the Volokh Conspiracy however as some criticized President Nichol for not fighting (in a court room) and also for removing a cross from the Wren chapel.  (See Crosses and feathers at William and Mary)  Despite my disagreement with the NCAA I don’t feel the costs of litigation are worth it, especially considering the possibility of designing a better logo and who knows maybe all our feathered paraphernalia will be worth a lot someday as a rare remembrance before the NCAA cracked down.

See also W&M Press Release concerning the logo


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