In re: Advance check-in exposed as security flaw

I do it all the time and really think it is a great convenience – that is printing out your boarding pass at home and being able to go straight to the security line at the airport.  However I have long thought that there was a pretty big security flaw with the whole operation – the ease of faking the boarding pass.  A Slate article goes over how easy it is to make a fake pass (recently a college student made a website that let you print your own custom fake Northwest Air boarding pass – apparently not to aid terrorists but to show the flaw see story)  Fixing the loophole wouldn’t be difficult but it would require that your id be checked while the bar code is read (and thus determining if it is a real boarding pass) instead the steps are seperated, with the ID being checked at security and bar code being checked at the gate (without id).

Not sure why this flaw exists as it seems pretty obvious.  All I know is that I hate the lines at the airport and not valuing my personal liberties would gladly submit to a background check in order to use my fingerprint, retina, etc. to get through in an expedited fashion as has been tested in some places.

See Slate: “How to make a fake boarding pass


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