In re: Daily Show at The Ohio State…

images2.jpgAll week the Daily Show is hosting its Midwest Midterm Midtacular‘ from the campus at Ohio State. Due to the fact that so few tickets were available and that more then the 1000 folks who got them (I got free tickets via email but won’t be able to use them this Thursday due to an ‘important’ class) they hosted a ‘moderated forum’ last Saturday night at the Schottenstein Center, OSU’s arena, which allowed a crowd of probably 8,000 or so (my guess) to see Jon Stewart, some of the correspondents, producers, etc talk and show clips. The event wasn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever seen – in fact if you were expecting a lot I’d say it would have been downright disappointing. There were funny moments, including some of the antics of Jon Stewart, but the attempt to stick to a question and answer format was pretty weak as the questions were downright stupid – including “How will the world end” posed to each person on stage, who clearly are funnier when give a rehearsal (again Stewart is most accustomed to ad-libing so he usually had the best answer of the lot).

Stewart spoke at my college graduation for about 15 minutes and while part of the fun were the inside jokes making fun of colonial Williamsburg (it is easy to make fun of) I would have taken that 15 minutes instead of the 90 min plus long forum which included four or five clips from past daily show episodes.
So on to last nights Daily Show – what did I think? Well being honest with you I have tended to shy away from the Daily Show in favor of the Colbert Report and part of the reason is that I am not a huge fan of the correspondents on the Daily Show. That said I still enjoy the opening that Stewart gives, but likely due to the popularity of the show this is so short when all the commercials are thrown in.
Anyway last night the show started off pretty quickly with the correspondents, each in front of an Applebee’s – located throughout Ohio (or the studio…) Anyway the bit was pretty good as they played off the sentimental Applebee’s commerical campaign and I thought it was also pretty dead on as at least in central Ohio I feel that we are the king of chain restaurants (to my chagrin).

Otherwise the show was pretty lackluster, the interview with Lebron James was pretty weak as they didn’t really talk about anything, the only good part being a game of rock , paper, scissors that Stewart lost (after asking if there was anything he could beat Lebron in). In general I don’t like it much when the Daily Show has on celebrities as their interviewees, as when an author or politician is on I find that there is an ‘actual’ interview and that the results can be quiet good.

See also Ohio State’s page on the show,
Blogging Ohio has a review of the episode,
the Daily Show is available for viewing (free) online here.
and the Cleveland Plain Dealer Review here, and the Columbus Dispatch here.


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