In re: Election day issues..

  • Homeless voting: “How can you send money to another country when you’ve got people going hungry here?” Many don’t feel they should bother voting as it won’t do anything to help their situations, however there are people that try and help and get them to the polls. See story in Columbus Dispatch
  • Should Election Day be a holiday? “people without college degrees have become less likely to go to the polls” For some folks long lines voting and a conflict with work means that they won’t be going to vote. Is this fair? Should voting be a holiday? Should states do more to encourage voting, such as turning it into a lottery as Arizona is thinking about trying? “Puerto Rico makes Election Day a holiday, and residents regularly vote at rates far higher than most, if not all, states.” See FairVote (see also 1998 Atlantic Monthly article).
  • Why Tuesday anyway? “Way back in 1845, Congress needed to pick a standardized day for Americans to vote. We were an agrarian society then – farmers needed a good chunk of time to get to the polls, then to vote and then to get back home. The traveling couldn’t conflict with the Sabbath (Sunday), and Wednesday was market day” See “Blame Tuesday to start…” NY Daily News
  • e-Democracy? Why aren’t we voting online yet? Well obviously the electronic polls aren’t working right, so it may be a stretch, but a professor I had in Switzerland was experimenting with this several years ago in local elections in Geneva, why not here?

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