In re: Election, oh election…

Tomorrow we vote, or at least some of us do.  In Ohio they have added ‘no-fault’ absentee ballots which I think is a good thing, despite the problems were now having with the voter-id requirement.  The election is important for a few reasons, one and probably most importantly, the ads will stop tomorrow .  Secondly it is important because it might send the ripple across the country that people disagree with the way things are going.

I came across a video ‘American Blackout‘ about the voting in Ohio in 2004 which makes the argument that voters, black voters, were disenfranchised from the vote.  Tomorrow, partially inspired by the movie (I watched the 15 minute preview and was impressed by it)  there is a program to Video the Vote to document and prevent problems at the polls.  Living in the city of Columbus, I myself spent well over 2 hours waiting to vote in 2004, after leaving the first time I showed up in the morning when it was over a 3 hour vote.  There were countless people who couldn’t wait that long to vote, in what is a very democratic area.
(See the American Blackout Ohio preview 19mins on YouTube)

Also tonight I listened to a podcast of Realtime with Bill Maher, since I don’t get HBO this is the only way to hear and while missing out on a few of the visual gags, the show holds up well as an audio only show and getting a free podcast of it is great.  The show is great and even listening to older episodes can be enjoyable even though it really works as a current events ’roundtable’.  I also must say I was impressed by Ben Afflak who comes off as pretty intelligent in the conversation (the other guests being journalists).  If you got HBO and aren’t too easily offended check it out…

 In just six years, the national debt has doubled. You can’t keep spending money you don’t take in. That’s not even elementary economics. That’s just called, “Don’t be Michael Jackson.” -Bill Maher


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  1. I lived in Oregon for a few years, and as I recall, voting was done almost exclusively by mail (ie – absentee). Ohio seems to be having all kinds of problems with the absentee ballots this year, and I was wondering how the Ohio process differs from Oregon’s. Maybe it is the times we live in or maybe there are real differences in the processes – but I don’t remember any problems or protests in Oregon.

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