In re: “Welcome to the social”? – Why the Zune will fail…

Microsoft is attempting to jump in the fray of MP3 players and take a stab and bringing down apple whose iPod dominates the market. (So far haven’t seen any ads, although their ad campaign welcome to the social might confuse some folks I feel) Microsoft up until now was involved only with software aspects of the portable music player market with its plays for sure system which has not worked particularly well.

So abandoning their partners, the hardware makers, MS has now gone about and created their own complete system a la the ipod where the hardware, the software, and the music sales are all handled in one complete interlocking package.

Why will the Zune fail, despite the backing of the giant Microsoft? Well there is nothing new that will make folks want the not particularly attractive player that really doesn’t break any new ground. MS will tell you that this is ground breaking and why — WIFI. Ah yes wifi, sounds great actually, imagine the possibilities – streaming music across your house hold (could turn you Zune into a pretty nice remote), remote syncing with your desktop whenever you walk in your house? Playing streaming broadcasts over the internet anytime your in wifi range? Buying music from the microsoft store anytime you got a connection. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well except for you can’t do ANY of these. So why bother with wifi? One reason and one reason only is their peer to peer sharing, meaning when you are camped out in starbucks with a latte you could download music from others. Okay, sounds cool, but you gotta first deal with the fact the music is DRM’ed to oblivion meaning it plays 3 times in 3 days and then poof its gone (a play counts as listening to 1 minute or half the song which ever is less, so don’t go skipping around) The other part is you can NEVER get that song again…


Also I guess the first review of the user interface is out now from Engadget (if your interested in screen shot after screen shot of the install process) seems like to get the whole thing rolling is quite a pain as you gotta come up with all kinds of registration info (it was also freezing but this might be fixed by the real release date. All that said a few folks on the comments seem pretty psyched about getting a brown? Zune, I guess that I am pretty likely to pass. There is possibly some integration of Zune w/ the Xbox 360 that could be interesting, maybe you can wirelesses stream to that? I say wifi in mp3 player (hell in anything) is good, but limiting it the way they seem to have done is bad.
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