In re: What’s Brooklyn style pizza anyway?

“Anyone in the Midwest who thinks this is real Brooklyn is getting fooled,’….The Domino’s pizza has an oddly sweet crust that somehow manages to blend the characteristics of cotton and rubber.” NY Times

The commercials are pretty stupid, with some stereotypical New Yorkers explaining that pizza that is foldable and with large toppings is Brooklyn style.  I’ve never been to Brooklyn, haven’t had the pizza but I can’t figure out why its different then pizza from Manhattan, or elsewhere in the city.  Well apparently some folks say Brooklyn has the best, downtown’s pie is going down hill.  Who is gonna save us?  Well Domino’s has decided to offer up a thin crust (they take a small ball of dough and stretch it to a large – sounds like a good deal for them!)

I’ve read a few folks take on the pie, they say its not authentic, its not that great, its pretty decent and some other things.  All in all if your in Brooklyn do you order this?  probably not, although I guess its affordable, so maybe you do.

See a review on Slice and NY Times  article (also on Slice most expensive pizza!  “The pizza is sprinkled with gold and topped with champagne-soaked caviar and lobster marinated in the finest cognac. Creator Domenico Crolla said it was worth more than $3,700.”)


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