In re: Today’s sign of the apocalypse… Playstation madness

So I just got off of the phone with a friend who is planning to get up at 5 in the morning or something to try and get a Nintendo Wii (pron.  weeeeee apparently?)  If that wasn’t bad enough (well the sad part is he probably will be too late) people are shooting each other over Sony Playstation 3s and getting in all kinds of other troubles.

The sign of the apocalypse however was a Columbus, GA (not here in Ohio thankfully, although Blogging Ohio apparently tried to steal credit for ourselves) where a dentist of all people hired 60 temp workers to handle 8 hour shifts of waiting in line in order to get his grand kids 15 Playstation 3s, apparently this was going to cost him almost $25,000, but still cheaper — much cheaper — then jumping on eBay to accomplish the same feat.  The plan seemed to be working til angry line folks got wind of it and complained and somehow between that and the temp agency the plan for the 15 PS3s was canceled.  Too bad, actually I am surprised that someone hasn’t done this with the pure profit motive, considering the low wage you’d probably have to pay someone to wait in line and read a book, or whatever it is you do in a video game line (I haven’t had the privilege) and then turn around and unload them on eBay at some insane markup the very same afternoon.


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  1. A little condescending there, Edward. I’ll still let you play it next time you visit me. That’s just how big a guy I am.

  2. hi nice site.

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