In re: Do I need one? World’s most expensive cup warmer?

expensivecupwarm.jpgIf I have to ask then the answer is probably no… Despite my love of coffee I think that this might be a bit of overkill for the average household a $1,000 cup warmer.  That’s right, probably more then most of your espresso machines if you have one, and even if you do if it is top of the line (okay the line for espresso goes quite far, the matching machine to this warmer is over $3,500).  But…if you crave a hot mug and don’t like having to warm it up some old fashion way, this might be the thing for you.

(oh and in case you are interested, William Sonoma sells the Jura-Capresso Z-Series Cup Warmer for $999.95 and shipping is free – woohoo!)


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