In re: The Mug 2.0

mug.jpgHave you ever had a best friend?  Someone you could always count on to be there… well before I adopted Charlie I already had a trusty companion (not Sophie) that was (and of few of my critics may remember) the spill proof Nissan Thermos Mug.  

When I bought the mug (30 dollars or so) during my first year of law school some folks thought I was crazy.  Were they right, or did I win over the critics?  Over two years of daily use and the mug held up, the seal kept it leakproof (you could throw it in your backpack without an ounce of fear).  I never had to buy coffee as my morning brew from home was still hot at lunch time and still warm at 3pm.   The savings?  Well one cup of coffee from our law schools coffee shop (Lou’s Cafe) which brands itself as Starbucks, but tastes like Folgers costs over a dollar, so buying even the occasional cup of coffee to allow oneself the post 11 am hot cup of coffee treat would lead to an eventual savings.  I dare say for me the savings and the convenience have been greater and I would pay even $50 or $60 for such a mug. 

Unfortunately the mug was misplaced a few weeks ago and it shocked me back into realizing the power and wonder of the leakproof mug and the hours of heat it provided.  Today I finally got around to ordering a replacement and realizing that my mug is gone, but not forgotten.  Before ordering I read a few of the comments on the Amazon page for the mug and found what I thought was an interesting post on the wonders of the mug.  

“YOU DRINK LESS COFFEE. It sounds kooky, but I’ve been overwhelmed by this discovery twice in the last decade. (Here’s how: consider that when you take a sip of coffee, you get the smell, the strong flavor, the steam on your nose, and the hot beverage warmth in your mouth. As this coffee gets colder, you will discover that your sips become gulps… because you want that “hit” of the hot beverage and the flavor.” (From amazon customer review)


2 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear about your mug. I remember thinking you were a little kooky to spend 30 bucks on a cup – but it was a special cup. I’m sure whatever was inside when it was misplaced three weeks ago is still warm.

  2. […] do is laugh at the idea and the funny looking bottle (oh and at $30 its no more expensive then my coffee mug that doesn’t have any […]

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