In re: HBO without the Sopranos? NFL network would do it

Basically thats what the NFL network has done to subscribers with WOW (Wide Open West) Cable, which I have here in Columbus, along with the several other Midwest cities they service in regards to the 8 regular season games they offer on Thursdays.

Basically the NFL has hyped up their network, talked about the live games, probably the only programming some of us would actually tune into, and then when the Bengals are playing last Thursday, despite being a prime Bengals market here in Columbus, WOW carried a random football documentary with a black crawl bar saying no game, tough luck.

The problem is that they don’t make it clear that there is an NFL ‘lite’. Over thanksgiving I watched a bit of their night game coverage and can say I was expecting some good camera angles, good graphics, etc. and can say it was a pretty bad broadcast. The picture was fuzzy (DirectTV doesn’t seem to have the HD feed) and graphics weren’t grade and the game in general didn’t look good. It was their first time, so they may be in progress on some things.

See Chicago Tribune Battle of the Network ‘Flex’ (mentions the NFL issue at the end, article mainly about the flex scheduling that allows NBC sunday night football to swap their games if their prescheduled game turns out to be unappealing)


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