In re: Bloody Sunday

bloodysunday.jpgIn getting ready for my upcoming trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland a friend (Thanks to seniorcoffee) pointed out an applicable movie directed by Paul Greengrass, ‘Bloody Sunday‘ about the 1972 civil rights march, turned massacre that occurred in Londonderry (Derry) where 13 were killed by British troops.  The movie isn’t for the crowd that seeks a feel good time (who would’ve guessed?), but it does an exceptional job of creating the experience of being in the mass and being fired upon (accomplished through the usage of long cuts, a camera that is never on a steady cam or a dolly allowing the feeling of panic running to be transmitted to the audience.

One can walk away from the film with an understanding how many who had been part of the civil rights movement would turn their backs and join the IRA and the armed resistance movement.  More then 30 years after Bloody Sunday, we can learn a lot about conflict and possibly apply lessons learned in the struggle for Northern Ireland to other struggles that we are involved in.  For me, walking through the streets of Derry later this month I will know what happened there in a more visceral sense then just reading about it in the past.


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad you got so much from the movie! If you haven’t, make sure to watch the special features, which include a walking tour of the area with Ivan Cooper(the man who led the march in 1972).

  2. When will we hear about General Sir Mike Jackson’s involvement in the bloody sunday massacre. He went on to become the head of the British army. he was also the ground commander on the day. How did he get to the top? Why was he saved? With whom was he in collusion

    The 839 year struggle continuues

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