In re: Is the BCS broke? Who cares who number two is…

For all those involved in bringing down the BCS and implementing a playoff (I think a 1-4, 2-3 playoff using the bowls as is would be appropriate, but nonetheless) should read an interesting article on Slate “The BCS’ dumb obsession with finding America’s second-best college football team.” which basically tells Michigan to shut up about the championship not having been settled on the field:

“Michigan coach Lloyd Carr had the gall to declare, “I hope that, in the future, we can have a system where all of the answers are decided on the field” and, “We need to get away from anything that’s not decided by the players themselves.” I’m fairly certain that Carr’s players were involved in Michigan’s 42-39 defeat at the hands of Ohio State and that it was played on a field. (If not, sports journalists have a real scandal on their hands.)”

That said, Carr was right in saying that Florida “‘would not have moved ahead of us had USC won its game’ It’s true. No one would have bothered re-ordering No. 3 and No. 4.” (from Flip-flop at Sports Illustrated)  My opinion was and is, Michigan lost to Ohio State and no matter where it was played and how little they lost by, as long as there is someone who is remotely close to being second, they should get an opportunity to take a swing at the pinata.  Michigan can’t complain that the game was homefield for OSU and that on neutral site they would be able, because believe it or not, you gotta play the game somewhere and next year it will be in Ann Arbor and OSU will have to deal with the big house.  So Michigan lost, they have to play in the Rose Bowl against USC and they should forget all this and gear up for what should be a great game, in a great location.


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