In re: Whats in a name? Polonium 210 the restaurant?

Okay so the name isn’t Polonium 210, but there is a Polish restaurant in England named ‘The Polonium Restaurant‘ and since the poisoning and subsequent death of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko was confirmed to be from 210Po poisoning the restaurant has experienced a dramatic surge in business, despite not serving the sushi that may have led to Litvinenko’s demise. (Polonium the element was discovered by Marie Curie, a Polish woman in case you wondered..) Who can explain the sudden interest in Eastern European food though, is it a mere coincidence? Either-way the menu doesn’t look half bad and as long as they leave the isotopes out of the pierogi and you don’t mind the wait, check it out if your in Sheffield, England. (Oh and this clearly shows how nuts people are)

Listen to story “Polonium Name Drives Customers to British Restaurant” on NPR


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