In re: NFL Network, Time Warner, you’re both greedy.

I wrote earlier how last week I noticed the Bengals game was blacked out here on a Thursday night broadcast on the NFL network. As I mentioned it turns out all games on WOW!, my cable provider will be blacked out as they haven’t agreed to pay $0.7o/per subscriber, compared to $0.20/per subscriber without the eight games. Time Warner, who also is in Columbus as the major cable provider doesn’t carry the network at all, because they have been fighting over whether the channel would be a basic channel everyone would have to get, or as part of a sports package, that for an additional fee subscribers would get.

See Columbus Dispatch story ‘For many, game is no-see TV

The two sides have turned this argument public, putting up websites arguing that they are right and the other is just greedy. The NFL has a site and Time Warner Cable has The difference of where the channel is huge, as if it was a basic tier channel they’d have everyone sharing in the cost and really raising the income for the NFL. Of course the NFL just says they want everyone to have it saying on their website


  • NFL Network is not trying to charge consumers money; in fact we are working hard for just the opposite.
  • We have been working hard to ensure these games are presented as part of your basic cable lineup like popular channels MTV, TNT, USA and ESPN without ANY additional costs being passed along to you.”

But at a cost of $137 million for Time Warner (if they put it as a basic channel) someone is going to pay for it – Oh, what about ads? Clearly ads will pay a lot of that, I actually have no idea if the ads for Time Warner would ad up to a large chunk of that cost or not, I’d have to be guessing that they don’t and most of the programming on NFL Network is going to be garbage that won’t get any ratings and these Thursday games as long as its listening to Bryant Gumbel aren’t gonna get great ratings either. So I just wish I had my Browns v. Steelers game tonight on WOW, but it doesn’t look like its gonna happen, and in reality I am glad as I don’t want to pay for a whole year of a channel to see ONE game on ONE night. So lets all just keep on being greedy.


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  1. Gris and I are hitting up a Sports Bar for this game – I also suggest you check out TVUPlayer for what I’m sure is illegal rebroadcasting of televisions stations.

  2. you’re

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