In re: one red paperclip

I hadn’t heard about ‘one red paperclip‘ til recently (surprise as its right up my alley!) a story of how a Canadian man started trading with a red paper clip and through a series of only 14 barters ended up with a house in Canada.  He has a blog that shows each barter and its quite interesting / funny.  Also some economics lessons here…

Also checkout Steve Roach & The Art of Law’s (former OSU Law Student) post on barter and Section 1031 Exchanges and Coins


2 Responses

  1. Whoa Ed I’m disappointed. You’re a little late on the One Red Paperclip story. Very un-Ed.

    This is disappointing. I am disappointed.

  2. Ed, I think I jumped the gun in saying I was “disappointed.” In re: is great. Don’t ever change, Ed, don’t ever change.

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