In re: Hitching is the way to go (in Cuba)

Cuba whether or not you believe official statistics has an extremely low crime rate (especially if you compare it to nearby islands and central America), as well as having an amazing literacy rate. Of course the island has plenty of problems and poverty is one of them. That poverty has helped keep hitch hiking as a standard mode of transport even for middle class folk. ‘The Correspondents Diary’ at the Economist has an interesting post on his experiences providing rides for people in Cuba and his sadness that it doesn’t exist here as a safe and legitimate means to get around.

“We’ve lost the ability to hitch-hike in America; driving around Cuba reminds me of how much we’ve lost. It’s a wonderful thing to talk to strangers about their lives. And because I’m already doing them a favour by giving them a ride, it’s one of the few places where they won’t ask me for money. Instead, they’ll want to return the favour. I had dinner at one hitch-hiker’s house; another wanted to show me around his village.” See post here at the Economist.


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