In re: Greetings from Belfast

So to those who’ve been complaining (all one of you) sorry for the delay over the holidays. Had a great Christmas up in Michigan (shocking that they can produce a nice christmas, and such a horrible football team)

Anyway, a small update on my trip to Ireland, only have a few minutes here on the computer and the timer is ticking away, so its really pressure to write. Flew in alright from JFK via Shannon to Dublin, at least I did, my bag was apparently not brought the whole way and may have spent some time in shannon. No worries though, we continued on and hit the road in our suprisingly huge car by Irish standards, a Ford Mondeo, and in what seemed like no time arrived in Belfast where we had decided to begin our trip.

Things of interest, there is no border crossing between Ireland and Northern Ireland, nothing, no sign, nothing the only thing is a sign saying that the speed limit is now in MPH instead of KM/H. (It may be that the sign would constantly be prone to graffiti, vandalism, ‘Get out of Ireland’ slogans, etc.)

The hockey team here (only a few players are of course Irish, apparently most, including Theo Fleury are Canadian, American, or Eastern European) is named ‘ TheCoors Belfast Giants’ yet no Coors is sold in the stadium (Harp, Guiness, etc. are sold thankfully) yet Coors ads abound, and coors is barely sold here, strange I say. Time running out, more on the game soon!


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  1. Nice post Ed. I was looking forward to this. Just so you know, Donyell scored 27 points last night.

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