In re: Dogs make it safer

charlieliving.jpgSomeone mentioned to me recently that being in a neighborhood with more dog owners makes it a safer neighborhood. Now, this may make some sense as dog owners are likely to be out walking their dogs and today with cell phones they add eyes and ears that can prevent problems from arising, there is also of course the yapping of some dogs that probably keeps some on their toes. That said some dogs like Charlie probably when their in their own home don’t make the house that much safer as he is likely to greet a burglar with a welcome and isn’t prone to barking (although my neighbors pick up the slack). Yet you never know with a shattering window what a dog will do and the sight of a dog charging at them may cause them to shove off. Even if he isn’t helping protect the homestead Charlie, my chocolate lab, is worth having around.

Some folks asked for a Charlie update so I thought i’d post up a pic of him with his newest toy, a sheep from ireland. Thankfully the 10 days or so that my parents took care of him while I was gone went well and I was really grateful not to have to put him into a kennel. Also i’ve failed to mention I believe that Charlie has picked up a nickname (not making it a middle name, apparently some folks are opposed to dog middle names, others love them) nicknames should grow organically, but in reality this one I kinda went out of my way to get since I wanted a middle name at one point, but while in Ireland i kept referring (and so did my friend to charlie) by his nickname ‘Wee-Bey’ which came from the name of a murdering drug dealer on ‘The Wire’. You’d be right to question nicknaming Charlie after a fictional drug dealer, but it just sounds good I think and somehow works. (Read about Wee-bey)



2 Responses

  1. Another Wire reference! Classic.

  2. Thanks for the update! Wee-Bey’s looking ferocious in that picture.

    I don’t see anything wrong with Doggy middle names. In fact I think it might be some sort of requirement in Geauga county to give your dog a middle name… either that or my parents insisted on giving our two dogs middles names when we registered for their licenses. “Lancelot” and “Huntington”

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