In re: McDonald’s doesn’t use frozen tomatoes?

An ad in the Sunday paper for McDonald’s hyped up the food quality of items on the McDonald’s menu

one item that I thought was especially interesting was the listing on tomatoes “The tomatoes we use in our Premium Salads and on your favorite McDonald’s sandwiches are grown in farms across North America. The tomatoes are then sorted and picked providing outstanding quality when served to our customers. Our tomatoes are selected for their color and flavor so that you can see the freshness in the salad or sandwich you choose. McDonald’s tomatoes arrive in the restaurant fresh, not frozen to ensure quality.”  None of this language actually says anything that would distinguish McDonald’s tomatoes from anyone else, they don’t tell you much about where they are from aside from the continent (probably from Mexico you would think).  Anyway, the pledge that they are never frozen is also pretty stupid as no one could really do that and then serve them outside of a cooked dish (tomatoes lose their shape, skin breaks, etc when frozen)  

They also mention using ‘We use real farm fresh grade-A eggs‘ which isn’t that useful a term (it sounds good though) as they aren’t mentioning USDA grade A (states may have their own, USDA egg grading is optional and Grade AA is the highest, A is the middle).

The only reason I mention all of this is that is is curious to me that McDonald’s is hyping their quality, when clearly they aren’t ‘that’ high quality, they can’t be if they want to remain in the dollar menu world, of course their size and buying power helps, but there is no way that McDonalds can bother to get anything that is that good.


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