In re: Tesco goes green…

If you don’t know Tesco is a massive UK retailer / grocer who garners often the same criticism that Wal-Mart does.  Tesco grew to be so large based on low prices and gets criticism to go with that, as is par for the course it seems.  On the BBC today I heard an interview that outlined Tescos new plan to reduce carbon emissions by 50% over the upcoming years, through all kinds of changes including using biodisel to fuel their delivery trucks, changing the refrigeration systems used in stores and adding windows. 
Further Tesco will indicate for each product the ‘carbon footprint’ or carbon calories, so that a consumer can see for a product the impact buying tomatoes from the local greenhouse (glass house in brit speak) versus the out of season shipment from across the globe and the canned variety.  (In the interview he pointed out that it is often less carbon emissions to ship in out of season things rather then the green houses).  Tesco also put a limit of 1% of their products being air-shipped in and will put an icon next to any product that is flown in (although flown in products often come from developing nations so there is arguments that can go both way on these).

Either-way, with Tesco coming to California it seems they may fit in as merely providing information to consumers, not to mention the effects of changing a massive corporations environmental policies will likely have a positive impact. So I say follow Tescos lead. (See BBC Story and Q&A with Tesco Boss)


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