In re: Intern in Iraq

Plenty of folks do summer internships, myself included. But not too many of us go out of our way to spend the summer in Baghdad, in the wake of the occupation of Iraq. I read today from the September issue of Harpers an interesting article “Misinformation Intern: My summer as a military propagandist in Iraq” by Willem Marx a NYU grad student (journalism) and graduate of Oxford, who applied for a ‘Media Analyst’.


The article really gives a sense of the chaos in Iraq from a different angle, the one that can only be encompassed by an Intern, becoming essentially the head of a media operation, that was really a propaganda machine, feeding ‘US’ stories to Iraqi papers who were being paid to run them and eventually providing advice to US commanders who believe Willem to be some sort of authority on Iraqi media. Stories like this highlight some of the reasons I opposed the war, that is some companies are piggybacking (here the Lincoln Group) on the war to make a quick buck, while soldiers aren’t making the dough.


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