In re: Super bowl or bore?

I generally consider myself a big football fan (unfortunately the Browns are the team I root for) however I must admit that I am not particularly excited for the Super Bowl this year.  Why?  Why not get excited for the biggest game of the year, to crown the ‘world champions’ of American football…  Well part of it stems from the length of the game, the distraction from the game, the type of fans at the game, the warm weather at the game.  The pacing of the game of the Super Bowl is pretty horrible in my opinion, already regular season games take too long, have too many commercials but they add more and cause the Super Bowl to drag on for hours, hours and hours.  Aside from the fact the browns haven’t been to the Super Bowl, recently I’ve been watching a lot of the original football (soccer) where there are no commercials breaking up play and the game is over in 2 hours at the most (Arsenal fan).

I’ll still watch the Super Bowl as the parties and gatherings that flow with the game are a great tradition but I wish they kept the halftime to 15 mins, kept the commercial breaks to normal amounts and played the game in cold weather cities as well.  This may not sell as well as the general purpose entertainment that the Super Bowl aspires to be, but if it wants to be the best sporting event possible it would.  Despite all that it is nice that no one gets in a fight over there teams, as reminded by the horrible scenes in Italy yesterday following a soccer match, where a police officer died in fan rioting (see story).   Also if your interested in the NFL intellectual property rights, the allowed size of TVs in public Super Bowl parties, check out Slate “Is my Super Bowl party illegal?


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  1. I was happy to watch the Colts win for two reasons:

    1)Baltimore can feel a little bit of Cleveland’s pain after the Ravens won in the 2001 Superbowl.

    2)Patriots fans feel some pain for once with Peyton Manning winning the Superbowl.

    I will say, Prince played the first “good” half time show in a long time.

    The commercials SUCKED this year, except for the Slapping one, which was hilarious.

    Please don’t call it “American Football”. That makes me sick to my stomach.

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