In re: Its just a glass, right?

In the U.S. oh too often we are given just any old glass to drink our beer from. Even worse sometimes establishments start dishing out the plastic cups during busy times when they don’t want to wash or to risk breakage. Now I will say I am no snob and I enjoy my plastic cup of Miller Lite as much as the next, but beer can be oh so much more and I can honestly say the glass you drink it from matters. There are scientific explanations as to why glasses matter (part of it is the manner it touch esit to your lips and the sensations from the material, the thickness of the glass matters, the size of the opening effects the amount of air and how your nose receives the aroma) of course folks have no problems giving special glasses to wine, although today more and more folks are going casual on the wine glasses with the new stemless ones (I like them) and apparently the reverse is happening for beers as Sam Adams has designed a glass to match their beer (see story here).

This is a bit of a rarity here in the states, but over in Belgium where beer really is an art and each beer has a glass to call its own (which may seem silly, but is pretty cool I think) So I am glad that Sam Adams is coming out with their glass, who knows if bars will start stocking them. (“[In Belgium] every beer has its glass. Pubs with 300 beers have 300 different glasses.”

For more on Belgian beers see Wikipedia entry

Thanks to G. Robbie for the story.


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  1. G-Robbie always comes through in the clutch.

    Seems like a good follow up to your story

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