In re: Pizza Patron.. Un-American or good old fashioned capitalism?

You may have heard the fuss that came about recently when Pizza Patron  (Mas Pizza, Menos Dinero) a Texas based pizza chain that adopted as its core market Mexican and Latino Americans (not in their pizza recipe however).  The chain, started by Columbus, OH native Antonio Swad, performed extremely well and adopted a new campaign where the store would accept Mexican Pesos (Pizza por pesos) as payment at their restaurants in the southwest.  Apparently the strategy worked well, as it also sent a strong signal to customers of Mexican decent that they were welcome, aside from being an easy way to use up leftover pesos.

Somehow though this boldly capitalistic move of accepting other currencies (very common along our northern borders to accept Canadian currency at some outrageous exchange rate) was turned into evidence of  the problems with immigration and how our country is being ‘run over’ by Mexican immigration.  Either-way apparently its been good for sales (which it should be noted are mostly in dollars) as the chains sales have gone way up and has garnered national attention.  If I ever see one I will defiantly stop in with or without pesos.

“But the promotion has already hit a nerve in the nationwide immigration debate. The company’s Dallas headquarters received about 1,000 e-mail messages on Thursday alone. Some were supportive, but many called the idea unpatriotic, with messages like, “If you want to accept the peso, go to Mexico!” There were even a few death threats….I certainly wasn’t expecting ‘pizza for pesos’ to become a touchstone for the immigration issue,” Mr. Swad said. It was nothing more than an effort to “reinforce our brand promise to be the premier Latino pizza chain,” he said. “We’re businessmen.” (NY Times)


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  1. Haha, I love the people that are calling this a problem – I can just imagine all the Mexicans flowing over the border just so that they can use their pesos at American Pizza Patrons.

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