In re: Watching the NFL in China

Interesting article about living in China and watching the NFL over the internet there. The NFL this year added for international viewer the ability to subscribe to online streaming coverage if you ponied up the cash ($250 for the season – clearly aimed at passionate expats and not the casual newcomer to the game).  The articles author took ‘a different route’ and watched a communal Slingbox (see earlier posts) broad cast, what can only be assumed was

 “I took a different route. I downloaded TVUplayer, which seems to be a mass rebroadcast from a Slingbox Media device in San Jose, Calif. There was the NFL, complete with American sportscasters and commercials (“This is our country…”). I ignored that it was 8:30 a.m. and made popcorn.

I don’t understand how TVUplayer is legal, but if it ever becomes a paid service, it can have my money. ESPN and ABC disappeared midway through the season, so I lost the Sunday and Monday night games that I used to watch on Monday and Tuesday mornings, respectively, but Sunday night remained sleepless as I watched the day games.” (Internet throws to NFL fans overseas: For this writer living in China, life is much better after finding Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the supermarket and the NFL on the Internet”)

The question I have then is that there was a paid service, he didn’t go for it and said that he would pay for it.  Not sure exactly what that says though.  For more on TVU see an article in Fast Company .  It seems that TVU removes networks who don’t want to show up (ABC, ESPN, HBO) but its still unclear if what they are doing is legal, they do post on their site (here) plenty on the DMCA and their compliance.


2 Responses

  1. I’m curious to know what kind of quality the NFL broadcasts these games over the internet with.

    I am currently using a Slingbox to watch football games, and the quality is okay, but barely above the watchable line. For example, I rarely ever see the actual football being caught, handed off, fumbled, etc, from the normal game viewing angle. If I ponied up a little more money for more upload capacity from my ISP at home, then I’d get a better quality broadcast.

    TVU Player won’t last – I’m also worried that Slingbox won’t last – legally speaking. What I’m more interested and annoyed by is that it is easier from some Doof living in China to watch football then it is for me to watch it! I understand they don’t make this option available to the American audience because there’s a lot more money to be made, but I’m still annoyed.

    Couldn’t I go through a proxy server to make it appear as though I’m connecting from China, so I can use this service? I’d gladly poney up the money as it’s still cheaper than DirecTV, or spending money on drinks and food at the local sports bar.

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