In re: Live near Starbucks? Want to make money?

Fon (what is Fon? see this) is running a campaign right now

“Welcome to Fonbucks, where FON + Starbucks = cash for you. If you live above or next to a Starbucks (or any cafe/coffee shop for that matter!), you are eligible for a free wireless router that will earn you cash from the minute you plug it in. This also means if you are a cafe, coffee shop, restaurant or other public venue you are eligible too! By installing your FON router, you let others share your broadband for a daily fee. A fee that goes straight into your pocket. A savvy patron of your Starbucks need only pay $2 a day for your WiFi. They’d have to be a grande drip to pay the $10 Starbucks charges. Each customer who chooses you puts $1 into your latte fund. Cha-ching.” (From Fon’s website)

Now, I am not sure how they address it, but I assume it would violate your terms of service with your internet provider to be then dishing it out to people who aren’t in your household.  Not that they’d likely be able to notice as I am assuming the Fon router, limits bandwidth pretty severely so its not like folks will be running servers out of the coffee shop and will get you noticed that way (see previous post on bandwidth and Slingboxes)


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