In re: Caught stealing free wifi

Up in Alaska a seemingly adicted gamer was caught in the parking lot of the local library (closed at the time) playing online games (Online gaming it should be noted has ‘ruined’ the lives of some who find themselves devoting a huge amount of time to playing in their virtual world. The Alaskan fellow wasn’t allowed on the internet at home after 9pm, so he would drive around to use other peoples networks. On a side note, way to go G. Rob, quitting the chronic WoW) Anyway, police seized his laptop, (the day before they had told him to stop). The police planned to get a search warrant to examine the contents of the laptop and have been hanging on to it since. Seems a bit nutty to me, they leave it on overnight? (a technican was supposed to put a timer on it they say) and then want to not have people use it? I’ve written before on WiFi theft, and whether stealing your neighbors WiFi is a crime, whether they are violating the terms of their internet connection by not securing a WiFi connection.

“Police said that although Tanner was using an essentially free service, there are library rules governing its use and Tanner wasn’t following them.” (UPI)

“Tanner, 21, was using the library’s wireless Internet connection. He was told that his activity constituted theft of services and was told to leave. The next day, Sunday, police spotted him there again.

“It was kind of like, ‘Well gee whiz, come on,’ ” police Lt. Tom Remaley said

The police officer confiscated Tanner’s laptop in order to inspect what he may have been downloading, Remaley said. Remaley on Friday said he hasn’t looked inside the computer yet; he’s putting together a search warrant application.” (Anchorage Daily News)

On a side note there was an interesting forum thread concerning a guy who wanted to go onto his neighbors routers and password protect them, for them (without them knowing) check that here. Also see the on the Alaska guy


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  1. Haha, nice shout out dude. If I can do it, anybody can.

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