In re: Dogs at the ATM

dogcashpoint_450×324.jpgYes these dogs really are using the ATMS, despite not having their own bank accounts… It was to good a story to pass up on, dogs using ATMs?  Well its actually assistance dogs who help by taking care of the cards and cash
while the people handle the pin code.  A UK assistance dog program added the ATM training with the help of “ten-year-old Endal [a lab no less] … helped start the ATM service by chance. The labrador’s owner is Allen Parton, a Gulf War veteran who lost the feeling down his right side after an accident in 1991 while serving as an officer in the Royal Navy. Now in a wheelchair, he said that one day he was struggling to retrieve his cash from an ATM when Endal jumped up to reach for the card, money and receipt with his mouth.  Mr Parton said: ‘It was amazing, as he had never been taught to do this.'”  See the story here at 

I have to say it doesn’t surprise me one bit that these dogs are able to help out with the ATM, if you’ve ever gotten to see these amazing dogs in action its quite incredible what they can do to really allow mobility for so many people.  You may remember that my dog Charlie is a failed out seeing eye dog (‘Fabulous Flunkie‘) but he probably made it further through the program then I could have so who am I to judge, right? (In re: Charlie)


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